Anton Lukoszevieze

Musician and inter-disciplinary artist
Founder and director of
Apartment House
Instagram and Soundcloud

Exhibition 'Elephant in a Landscape,' Prospektas Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. 28th February-30th March, 2024

A solo exhibition of 54 recent works exploring inner time, places, memory maps and conceptual music. Anton Lukoszevieze is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and composer living in Vilnius, with photography often at the heart of his practice. In recent years his Lithuanian ancestry has often been a focus of his work, which embraces the liminal spaces and cross currents between different media and contexts. The exhibition features colour chromogenic drawings, photograms, analogue photographs, objects and a sound installation.

“The photographic works of Anton Lukoszevieze contain dense networks of connections, across media, cultures, histories and personal memories. This broad spectrum of reference is condensed through the prism of contemporary music and the elusive relation between sounds and the visualisation of their abstract materiality. This is a source of constant experimentation and speculation in Lukoszevieze’s practice. The photographic works that result could be read as an enquiry into involuntary recollection of fugitive impressions. While these may register familiarity’s capacity to surprise, they also serve to remind of an actual basis in a process of forgetting. This paradox is mirrored in the use of photography as an art-form closely linked to painting yet alien from it. Although reference to painterly gesture is important to the works in this exhibition, the marks are essentially different when photography's mechanics of light and dark affect their sense of timing and capture.”
Joan Key

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